The Ultimate Homeschool Workshop

This online training covers everything you need to know about homeschooling.  EVERYTHING!

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This intensive course is perfect for both newbies, and veterans to get a fresh restart.  Didi Kelley unlocks her vault of nearly 20 years involved in home education and helping thousands of families to turn education around with practical and reasonable tools, techniques, and strategies that are not found in a box.  

She not only covers all the logistics of getting started, but also dives into motivation, inspiration, and balance, and tackles the real roadblocks in homeschooling and helps you discover real solutions.  Members will learn about all the different philosophies, and how best to approach multiple learning styles and we will talk about homeschooling with special needs as well as all abilities. 

We will explore techniques and strategies for utilizing one-room schoolhouse approaches in a modern home.  Attendees will discover how to customize education for each family on an individual basis – the benefits and steps to teach mastery instead of grade levels, diving subject by subject with actual tools to reverse engineer any curriculum.  We will talk about incorporating tools outside the home such as field trips, socialization, group activities, and more.  

Of course we will focus on the end goal as well – finishing high school and on to college and beyond.  Whether it's military, running a business, college, or whatever - there is critical information you will not want to overlook in this course.  We will cover college planning, volunteering and community services, internships and entrepreneurial ventures, and a thorough introduction to the high school transcript.  

This workshop is a powerhouse of information that will take people to completely new levels in homeschooling.

By The Simple Scholar

July 26, 2021

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