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In this 15 HOUR Course, I've put together the most comprehensive  guide to home education. You will learn the exact methods I have taught over nearly two decades to tens of thousands of home educators.

These methods work for any homeschooler, anywhere in the world, and they can work for you!

  • Revealed: the simplest methods you must apply before you start homeschooling (many veterans use these tips to relaunch their homeschool)
  • Get the truth about education, develop real techniques and strategies to take things from boring and ineffective, to life-changing love of learning and success
  • Discover the secrets to records, transcripts, and finishing exceptionally.

This workshop will teach you:

Session 1: Setting Foundations

Learn the REAL reasons homeschoolers can feel like they are failing, and how to quickly turn things around with essential principles. Get tips on balancing everything so you feel more successful at the starting gate,  or restart if you have been feeling lost at sea!

Session 2: Keeping the Records 

Easier ways to keep records across multiple levels and ages.  How to record ahead and give credit where credit is due.

Session 3:  Motivating the Reluctant Child

Learn to inspire when nobody wants to do anything. From real teaching techniques to leveraging a multitude of resources you may not have even thought about, this section could change the way you homeschool forever. 

Session 4:   Nail the Balancing Act

Discover how homeschoolers get it all done.  From running the household, to running around town, and carving out time for relationships, and yourself!

Session 5: Philosophies and Learning Styles

There are so many! The Simple Scholar is not particular to a philosophy, but you will learn about all of them. Discover a simple strategy to find the right fit for your family, or create your own!

Session 6: Conquering the Curriculum "Box"

Learn to leverage any curriculum to fit any child, what to look for in curriculum and how to make the best choices for your family, even if you decide not to use curriculum at all. 

Session 7: The Big "S" Word

See how homeschoolers really socialize and how to ensure your child is confident and secure in the "real world".  Discover the differences between groups and co-ops. Get fun tips on field trips and how to make getting out of the house a reality.

Session 8:  Ditch Grade Levels

A concept pioneered by Dianne Kelley, the Simple Scholar, everyone should understand the exceptional leverage in ditching grade levels and completely eliminating middle school - particularly for children who are "behind", or struggling.  

Session 9:  Special Needs and all Abilities

Trying to get lessons in between doctors and therapy? Frustrated with evaluations? Dianne has been helping parents with children on all spectrums and all abilities for nearly 2 decades. Get real tips and strategies you won't find anywhere else.

Session 10: Modernizing the one room schoolhouse

Get tools and resources for teaching all your kids at varying levels simultaneously, and still provide each child the one-on-one that they need. It is way easier than you think! 

Session 11:  Teaching Mastery

An amazing game changer to help your child maximize their potential, rather than just "passing" them thru. Learn the two things that you can focus on when everything else cannot get done today, ensuring your child will not fall "behind"!

Session 12: Integrating all Disciplines

Staying on the theme from Session 11 of teaching to mastery - learn how to integrate science, social studies, and all other subjects like a champion.  No more boring or redundant curricula.

Session 13: College Planning

How has college entry changed for homeschoolers?  Learn the essential strategies you can leverage to get your child admitted into any college or university of their choosing, and which things are no longer relevant.  

Session 14: The Extracurricular Advantage

Here we cover all the strategies for leveraging community service, volunteering, and internships. Learn how to plan for entrepreneurial ventures if that is your child's goal. We also look at high school for special needs kids.

Session 15: The High School Transcript

Learn from someone who has mentored thousands of high schoolers thru homeschool and onto college, internships, entrepreneurial, military, and more. There is ONE highly leverageable tool that no one else teaches, which will change everything at the big finish!

It's time to take action now and transform how you homeschool! 

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This workshop answers so many concerns from home educators!  We will work thru very important strategies, and provide real solutions that anyone can do to simplify the process and have an effective homeschool experience.  Nothing like this is available for homeschoolers!!

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DIANNE Kelley  //  Author, Speaker, Mentor to home educators

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