Lori Gabbitas

well educated heart / mothers of influence

25 years ago, Lori Gabbitas began meeting with young mothers who were concerned about the true success of their children in a world that struggles to define success. She built the foundation of Pinehurst Academy to keep curiosity and wonder alive in her children and help them hold onto their love of learning. For years, she has been practicing the simple and beautiful pattern of learning as described in the Well Educated Heart (WEH)And today, she is actively involved as a mentor in The Well Educated Heart and Mothers of Influence community.

Lori enjoys counseling with mothers in groups, and one on one, helping them embrace basic principles that awaken within them the courage and the confidence to teach their own children. To that end, she leads a virtual group discussion with mothers every Friday morning via zoom to encourage and champion mothers and their essential role in our society. Her greatest passion, outside her family, is helping mothers and mothers-to-be find softer hearts and learn to be sensitive to true learning – learning that lasts a lifetime.

Lori is a California native and life long resident who loves the natural beauties that surround her. She and her husband have four children who, for over two decades, filled Pinehurst Academy and today are grown and on their own. The oldest three have graduated from or are attending college with GPAs over 3.6, the youngest is currently involved in missionary service. She currently runs Pinehurst Academy for Young Ladies and offers group and private consulting. Come and chat with Lori.

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