Heidi Totten


Heidi Totten started building websites in 1997. Her first attempt was a tribute to Leonardo DiCaprio post Romeo & Juliet. She spent 13 years as a Recruiter, building technical teams all over the world. Then, she quit to raise her kids for a few years before jumping into entrepreneurship and helping people with tech and business strategy.

She runs The Tech Tribe for coaches and mentors who want to create an online business that integrates their website, membership site with courses and services, email autoresponder, and appointment scheduler.

She loves to see the lightbulb go off about what can be created when entrepreneurs understand how to use technical tools to grow their business.

Heidi has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the past 10 years. She runs Heidi Totten Consulting (heiditotten.com) and in 2015 founded 100 Humanitarians International, a non-profit that helps families in Kenya, Africa learn self-reliance and start businesses. She has led over 250 people on 25 expeditions.

Heidi is a 3X best-selling author of Homeschool on FireSuccess Through Failing, and My Maasai Name is Nemparnat.

Her happy place is hauling down roads in Kenya in dusty jeeps, but she is also known for her love of tacos, guacamole, and chocolate. 

Connect with Heidi:
Website:  https://heiditotten.com