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What is the mentoring like?

The clip below is taken from a live workshop, but it is the exact type of mentoring that I do every month for my Premium members.  It is not a pre-planned presentation, but a real mentoring experience.
We meet in Zoom, where we interact live, and I even prepare transcripts for Premium members at NO additional cost!!

Mentoring sample from a real, live workshop!

This particular mom, Adrienne, has a son with ADHD who is overwhelmed with the amount of 10th grade work at public school.  She and I have met previously in our monthly Premium mentoring meetings, where I helped her with a daughter who is taking early college, so Adrienne is already familiar with the process.  With Adrienne's permission, I am sharing this clip so that other parents who have a struggling high schooler can get some insight.

The following video will replay free for a limited time.  For the longer viewing and to get access to all of the monthly mentoring recordings, as well as ALL workshops and courses, click here to get the Premium Membership

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To benefit from mentoring like this, please consider attending live workshops when you receive invitations.  I will always stay as long as needed to answer everyone's questions.  Or, join the Premium membership and get the training courses that come with live mentoring every month!

By The Simple Scholar

December 15, 2022