Dianne (Didi) Kelley 

People know me as the "bootcamp girl", from many years of designing training programs that accomplish specific goals, without any unnecessary fluff.  You may remember me as Dianne McLean, the creator and previous director of "Home Education Council of America" (2003-2017).  I've got a new name, and a new life, but still have the same strong passion for assisting home educators!!

"The Simple Scholar" is a compilation of nearly 20 years of teaching and mentoring a variety of education and home education topics to thousands of home educators worldwide.  I've spent two decades developing easier, more efficient ways to meet and often exceed the same end goal - without sacrificing the quality outcome that I wanted. As a result, I have a deeper, more passionate interest in these topics and love to share the simpler ways. I hope you will join me in this next phase of life's journey - much love, Didi!!

In addition to tips and expertise, there are products being developed such as books, guides, classes and workshops, which you may obtain access to thru the monthly membership.  Most products will be offered free or at a discount to the members. This is another level of flexibility for you.   You can CLICK HERE to check out the membership options for more exclusive, in-depth content. 

For a full list of when specific homeschool-related products will be released, check the Events page.

Personal projects and interests:

Business and Entrepreneurship

Known as the “barefoot entrepreneuress” from my ability to generate impressive income from a home office with children in tow, and with more than 18 years of online presence, I developed no-nonsense systems out of a dire need to do so.  And none of it involves even one penny of advertising cost, just intuitive marketing and experience in what works and what did not work.  Countless entrepreneurs stall their launches or dismiss their big ideas, simply because they do not understand how to implement online or it is overwhelming to learn how to set up a website properly.  I can teach you how to find your voice and share your passion with the world, but I can also teach you how to get it TO the world, in a way that maximizes your income potential while minimizing your time.  You do not have to learn an entirely new technical field, you stick to what you know, and I’ll show you how to simplify the rest.

The premium membership offers unlimited access to all The Simple Scholar courses and workshops, plus unlimited replay access to live events.