Awesome Homeschool Activity Guide

Field trips and activity ideas for homeschool families who want to get out there and have adventures!!

Get the best ideas for extracurricular activities!

This guide is designed for the solo homeschool family, with over 140 field trip ideas, plus how to get free activities and classes in your community

We cover every age group, from toddler to teen.  Every chapter also addresses how to integrate activities with a child on the spectrum or kids who have social anxieties.

Known as THE go-to person for homeschool activity ideas and field trips, Dianne Kelley has worked with thousands of homeschoolers for nearly 20 years in a wide variety of venues.

She has planned the most AWESOME activities for her own children as well as incredible group activities from just 15 families at local events, up to 1000 families at regional events.  

And now, you can tap into her vault of tips, tricks, and ideas - get the e-book today and start planning your adventures!!