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Everything we teach for parents at The Simple Scholar is designed to simplify education without dumbing it down or leaving out anything important.  You CAN create a full, enriching education for your children without having to be strapped to 180 days of redundant busy work. No more fighting with your kids to check off lessons.  Take your life and your family back and feel confident that you are giving them everything they need to succeed!

The Premium membership also includes monthly mentoring - LIVE - to help you and your child with anything you need, PLUS transcript preparation and planning guidance at no additional cost (teens LOVE to attend this with their parent!)

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The High School Transcript for Homeschoolers

Learn why this document is so important - and step by step how to construct an official high school transcript that your child will take with them for life!

This is a one hour, intensive video workshop, you get one full year of access (does NOT include free transcript preparation or live mentoring which are part of the Premium membership)!!

Regularly $45.00

Ditching Grade Levels Workshop

This workshop is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER in education - come learn why you MUST ditch grade levels to truly give your child leverage to learn at their own pace, while not ever "falling behind" again.  Perfect for ANY child, anywhere in the world.  When combined with the Teaching Mastery concepts, you have an arsenal of FREEDOM!!

This is a one hour, intensive video workshop, you get one full year of access!!

Regularly $45.00

Teaching Mastery Workshop

When you teach to mastery instead of grade levels, your child moves forward with more confidence and at a comfortable pace.  Learn what this means as we deconstruct education and put it back together in a more effective way.  Perfect for ANY child, anywhere in the world.  When combined with the Ditching Grade Levels companion workshop, you have an arsenal of FREEDOM!!

This is a one hour, intensive video workshop, you get one full year of access!!

Regularly $45.00


Homeschooler's Guide to Debt-Free College

The information in this simple, downloadable e-book can change your child's life!  This is a step-by-step guide to understanding the benefits of early college and how to incorporate it so your child can benefit as millions of public high school students have since 2002.  You'll learn all the admissions tips, as well as how to finance it.  

Two Key Facts:

1) Kids who are "behind", or who struggle academically, CAN and DO leverage this successfully!
2) Early college can essentially replace high school curriculum, saving you thousands of dollars and saving your child 4 years of TIME.

Regularly $29.99

Homeschool Activity Guide

This guide is designed for the solo homeschool family, with over 140 field trip ideas, plus how to get free activities and classes in your community. We cover every age group, from toddler to teen.  Every chapter also addresses how to integrate activities with a child on the spectrum or kids who have social anxieties. It is a vault of tips, tricks, and ideas - get the e-book today and start planning your adventures!!

Regularly $29.99

Guide For Homeschool Group Leaders

This e-book will help you overcome all the bumps and curves in the road of running a homeschool group.  It is a goldmine of proven success strategies!!  Also learn how to serve those families with children on the spectrum, handling conflict in the group, and much more.  From local field trips to large scale theme park field trips, get proven strategies for the best participation and outcome.  Whether you have just a few families, or you want to build into a regional support organization with a thousand families, this e-book will guide you!!

Regularly $49.99