Curriculum is not the answer

It’s like buying that perfect bathing suit, and counting on it to teach you how to swim when you have never swam in your life. 

Sure, there are a handful of people who will find natural buoyancy and be able to stay afloat, but they will struggle to move because they don’t understand technique.  You have to move your arms and kick your feet to propel forward, right?  Otherwise you are just buoyant, or you are floundering and will find yourself underwater.

And it doesn’t matter how much that bathing suit cost you, or how many other people wear the same brand.  If you don’t know how to swim, you are going to have some trouble when the water is deep.

And just like their size of bathing suit won’t fit you, so it is that curriculum is not a one-size fits all solution.  No matter how many people say it’s the bom-diggity, it needs to fit YOU and YOUR family.

So counting on curriculum choices to make you a successful homeschooler is the number one mistake that I see new homeschoolers make.

And even after their first or second year or even sometimes the fifth year, homeschoolers still go out and burn up the social media feeds asking other people what their opinion is on a particular curriculum, because the curriculum they currently have is “failing” them or their child.

And why is that?

Because we are not taught the inner workings of education.  We have been conditioned by the educational system to be obedient.  We want better, we just don’t know how to change things and we think that buying something else will accomplish that change. 

New is better, right?  Not when it comes to curriculum, because curriculum is not the failure.  It is principles, methods, and the conditioning of how education is supposed to look.   

I’m not saying, “don’t buy curriculum” or “don’t use curriculum”, not at all!  I’m saying – learn how to LEVERAGE curriculum so that you are not forcing your child or yourself to fit the curriculum – rather, you are making the curriculum fit your child’s individuality and your teaching goals. 

Once you know what curriculum is, how it is designed, the intentions of curriculum, the inner workings of “standards”, then you can leverage ANY curriculum so that you are successful.

If you continue to turn lesson manuals one page at a time, you will continue to feel overwhelmed.  But how do you know what is essential in that curriculum and what is merely fluff?

In this workshop, I teach you exactly how to reverse-engineer any curriculum and leverage it for the exact outcome that you want.  We dismantle “standards” to reveal how curriculum functions, then put it back together for a truly customized outcome.  Customized for your child, customized for YOU

You do not need a teaching degree or any experience teaching – you simply need the right information, tools, and skills – which anyone can learn in this workshop.

This workshop is taught on Day 2 of the 3-Day Home Education Workshop, and the principles are demonstrated throughout the remainder of the 15 sessions of that workshop.  Workshop is for members only (Lite or Premium plan).

By The Simple Scholar

September 9, 2021

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