What is in the Membership?

The Simple Scholar Premium Membership gives homeschool parents unlimited access to training, mentoring, resources and tools, that help you to leverage time and money in educating your children.  The new LITE membership gives introductory access.  With an in-depth background in college preparation, as well as alternatives to college, Dianne Kelley provides extensive and comprehensive guides to everything you need. Her approach is gentle, yet direct.  No fluff, no nonsense, just the straight information and guidance.


Always FREE!

  • Free seat at select live online events
  • 24 Hour access to recordings of select events
  • Access to monthly theme content until end of theme month
  • Are You Ready to Homeschool High School Workshop





Video Only

  • Everything in FREE plan, plus:
  • Homeschool Foundations Workshop
  • Socialization and Activities Workshop
  • Special Needs Workshop
  • Ditch Grade Levels Workshop
  • Teaching Mastery Workshop
  • High School Transcript Workshop
  • Great Education Shake-Up Replays - video only





All Access

  • VIP seat at all live online events
  • Unlimited access to recordings of ALL events with downloadables
  • Unlimited Access to monthly theme content & events
  • Everything from LITE plan PLUS:
  • Live Monthly Group Mentoring
  • Transcript Preparation
  • Ditch Grade Levels COURSE
  • Teaching Language Arts to Mastery COURSE
  • Shakespeare Simplified COURSE
  • Teaching Math to Mastery (PreK-4th) COURSE
  • Teaching Math to Mastery (5th-Alg2) COURSE
  • Teaching Social Studies to Mastery COURSE
  • Teaching American Government to Mastery COURSE
  • Genealogy to Teach Social Studies Workshop
  • Homeschooling High School COURSE
  • Ultimate Homeschool Workshop COURSE

Upcoming online events


LIVE - FREE Online Event - Every Month!

When:  Next is Thursday, Feb 16, 2023
Time:   9am (Pacific Time)
Cost:    FREE
Who:    Anyone with free registration

Each month, a featured speaker to coordinate with the month's teaching theme.  January's theme is Teaching Language Arts to Mastery. February's theme is Teaching American Government to Mastery.  Replays are available for free and Lite members for 24 hours.  Premium members have unlimited replay access. 

January's theme content is available for FREE and LITE members thru January 31st.  It includes the replay from January's speaker, plus access to the Teaching Language Arts to Mastery workshop!  Premium members have unlimited access to this content.  You will find access on your member home page and in the navigation menu at the top of the site when logged in.


LIVE - FREE Transcript Reviews - Monthly!

When:  Next is Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2023
Time:   12pm (Pacific Time)
Cost:    No additional $$!!
Who:    Premium Members Only

Transcript and plan reviews are held for Premium members on the first TUESDAY of every month.  We also mentor in other areas of homeschooling in these meetings.  Recordings are indexed and added to the Homeschooling High School and Beyond course.  

Past recorded online events


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The Great Education Shake-Up Summit

When:  Sep 26 - Oct 8, 2022 - Ended

Event Ended -  Get LITE or PREMIUM membership for replays

Come learn from the BEST speakers about what home education really is and how you can change everything with simple steps and principles!!
LITE members have video-only replays.  PREMIUM members get video access plus certificates and any downloadables that speakers offered.


Featured Monthly Speaker Series

When:  Each month in 2023

For:  Anyone with FREE registration (see upcoming events above)

Each month a theme and speaker beginning in January 2023.  The LIVE sessions are FREE.  Replays will be available for FREE and LITE members (24 hour replay after speaker's live workshop) and Premium members (unlimited replay access).



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The Ultimate Homeschool Course

Length:  15 Hours
Modules:  15
For:  Premium Members

A self-paced, comprehensive program with 15 modules, each about 1 hour long.  Premium members enjoy the benefit of being able to easily jump to relevant topics that help resolve day to day homeschool challenges.


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Homeschooling High School and Beyond, Course

Length:  14 Hours
Modules: 14 modules, plus mentoring recordings
For:  Premium Members

The most comprehensive course available worldwide for homeschooling high school!!  Everything you need to prepare your child to graduate and go out into the world - whether their goal is college, military, general employment, entrepreneurship, or otherwise.
Premium members meet monthly for free transcript preparation and homeschool mentoring.  All mentoring recordings are added to the course for reference.


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Skipping Middle School & Ditching Grade Levels Course - Teaching the Prep Year(s)

Length:  4 Modules
For:  Premium Members

This course goes more in depth with the ditching grade levels concept, showing you step by step why we have grade levels and how to remove middle school to provide a more customized and superior education.  Learn what needs to be taught in the years preparing for high school, and how to teach it.


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Teaching Mastery Series of Courses - Four Separate Courses in this series

Length:  Multiple Modules within each course (Over 150 modules already!)
For:  Premium Members

Four separate courses, each goes more in depth and provides step-by-step strategies, videos and tools for parents to use to learn how to teach math, language arts, social studies, and more.  

  • Teaching Mastery - Math
  • Teaching Mastery - Language Arts
  • Teaching Mastery - Social Studies
  • Teaching Mastery - Pre-Algebra thru Pre-College Math


Shakespeare, Simplified!

Length:  8 Modules
For:  Premium Members

This course explores the tragedy plays of Shakespeare.  It is an extension course to the Teaching Language Arts to Mastery Course.  Each of the 8 modules in the Shakespeare, Simplified! Course has a video and downloadable teaching guide for parents that includes an overview of the module's objective, plus worksheets, games and activities, and a mastery check with answer key.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 


Teaching American Government to Mastery

Length:  TBD, Coming in February 1st 2023
For:  Premium Members

Will release with the February theme of teaching Social Studies to mastery.  This course goes deep into the United States Constitution and the United States government.  It includes teaching guides with worksheets and answer keys, games and activities, and videos.  There will also be a mock Congress component that will be live on Zoom.  For Premium Members only.  

Pre-Recorded Workshops


Homeschool Foundations Workshop

Length:  60 minutes
For:  Lite & Premium Members

Learn what you must do before choosing curriculum or starting to homeschool.


Homeschooling Special Needs Workshop

Length:  60 minutes approx.
For:  Lite & Premium Members

Here, we cover all the foundational information for homeschooling a child with special needs and all abilities.  Great tips to address various aspects of the spectrum!


Socialization Workshop

Length:  60 minutes approx.
For:  Lite & Premium Members

How do you get out there?  What about all the social things people say your child might be missing out on?  We'll cover all of this and more, not only addressing the misconceptions but also giving you real solutions and ideas (socialization for special needs are also addressed).


Ditching Grade Levels Intro Workshop

Length:  70 minutes approx.
For:  Lite & Premium Members

I am the original author and pioneer of the "Skipping Middle School" philosophy, and will show you how to leverage the advantage of understanding grade levels to break down barriers for kids who are ahead or considered "behind".  This is a game changer in education!


Teaching Mastery Intro Workshop

Length:  70 minutes approx.
For:  Lite & Premium Members

This 75 minute workshop introduces you to the concept of teaching mastery as opposed to restricting your child to grade levels.  It is highly beneficial for kids who are "behind", as well as those who are ready to move forward in single subjects.


Are You Ready to Homeschool High School?  Workshop

Length:  60 minutes approx.
For:  Free, Lite, & Premium Members

Discover THREE SIMPLE THINGS you MUST do - to be ready to homeschool through high school. My simple strategies work for any homeschooler, anywhere in the world, and they can work for you!


The High School Transcript Workshop

Length:  70 minutes approx.
For:  Lite & Premium Members

This workshop tells you everything you must know about the high school transcript for homeschoolers.  It is a critical document and a valuable planning tool that you can leverage in so many ways.  


Genealogy to Teach Social Studies  Workshop

Length:  60 min. approx.
For:  Premium Members

Learn how to teach social studies in an engaging way, by infusing your own family genealogy!  Leveraging this powerful and long lasting way of teaching goes beyond history - your children will learn many other skills that you can incorporate across multiple disciplines!  Learn the coolest tools that you need to get started right away.  This workshop is found under the Teaching Social Studies to Mastery Course.


New E-Books sold separately  - click each photo for more info - e-books are NOT part of any membership: