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Kathleen Cotter Clayton

RightStart Math

"You CAN Be a Great Math Teacher"

Building a Solid Math Foundation

Maybe you struggled with math, so you don’t know how to choose a curriculum or a method to help your child avoid the same struggles.  Or, maybe you were good at math but are unsure how to teach it now.  Should you include manipulatives? What DOES it take to be the best math teacher for your child?  Math is a lot like building a house.  Without a solid foundation, walls may hold up for a bit but eventually they will come crashing down.  Come learn how to build a strong foundation and build up from there, even if your child is “behind”.  This workshop will give you encouragement and guidance to become a great math teacher!

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March 14, 2023 at 10am Pacific Time.

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Each month's speaker coordinates with a theme at The Simple Scholar. 

Throughout the month, The Simple Scholar provides FREE access to specific training modules or materials for parents which coordinate the theme, and then the featured speaker is someone who is an expert in that area.

January 2023

Our theme for January 2023 is Teaching Language Arts to Mastery. Our featured guest on January 10th was Andrew Pudewa from Institute for Excellence in Writing.  Click here to catch the theme content and the replay!

February 2023

February's theme was Teaching Social Studies to Mastery, with an emphasis on American Government. Click here to get the theme content and workshop. Our featured guest was Ian Cox from TJed.

March 2023

The theme for March is Teaching Math to Mastery and the content is available for FREE thru March 31st.  Our featured guest was Kathleen Clayton from RightStart Math. CLICK HERE to get the theme content.

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What home educators are saying:

I remember when Dianne first started Home Education Council of America years ago, she always brought great energy to the conferences.  I'm thrilled to see her blessing the homeschool community again and excited for what's coming to The Simple Scholar!

Janet R.


Since 2003, I've been learning from Dianne and all the amazing people she brought together to teach parents over the years. Truly inspirational every time she presents.

Michelle H.


She's always bringing the best of the best teaching, skills, and techniques - really powerful stuff that has changed everything in our homeschool journey! 

Belinda J.


So glad to find Dianne again at The Simple Scholar!  I came for the field trips years ago, but kept following her as my kiddos grew. The college prep course helped us so much, thank you, thank you!

Lisa M.


The foundational courses have helped me to be a better homeschooler. Just when I think about throwing in the towel, I return to these workshops to get me re-centered and refocused and come out more passionate than ever about finishing the journey!

Marissa B.


Switching to a mastery approach has been my favorite "overhaul" in our homeschool experience.  I'm so grateful to have this training that no one else is providing in this way. The certificates are much appreciated in Canada! 

Dollie P.


Featured Speakers from 2023:

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This workshop aired live on January 10, 2023

This workshop aired live on February 16, 2023

This workshop will air live on March 14, 2023

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Dianne (Didi) Kelley - author, speaker, and mentor - has helped to inspire and empower thousands of home educators for two decades, by simplifying some of the most daunting home education topics.

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People know me as the "bootcamp girl", from many years of designing training programs which accomplish specific goals, without any unnecessary fluff.  "The Simple Scholar" is a compilation of nearly 20 years of teaching parents how to provide a superior home education for their children. I was hard-tasked to learn these things, and then developed easier ways to meet the same - or better - end goal. As a result, I have a deeper, more passionate interest in serving this community and love to share the simpler ways.


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