Homeschooler's Guide to

Debt Free College

Why and how to leverage early college credits

Get the Step-by-Step Answers You've Been Looking For

This guide is a compilation of nearly 20 years of helping thousands of homeschoolers through the college preparation process and is presented in a short and concise, easy to understand format.  

Cut the cost of college by up to 80% and save tons of time.

Early college (also known as dual enrollment, or concurrent enrollment) eliminates the inadequacies that many parents feel in teaching high school.  Early college courses are not in addition to high school, they are done instead of high school courses.  It also flips the mindset that college is a waste of time and money, because in reality - college has a purpose, but high school is where time and money is not adequately leveraged.

By eliminating the majority of high school subjects and replacing them with easier, shorter, college level courses, you save money and your child finishes in less time at a higher level.  

It isn't about rushing kids or pushing them beyond their abilities, it is about slowing down and allowing both their high school education and college education to be purposefully blended.   This method provides more time for your child to explore personal interests, talents, internships, and entrepreneurial ideas, while completing a college degree at their own pace.  

This is also not about CLEP or GED or testing/opting out.  It's actual college, done easier, faster, and more affordable!

This book will guide you on:

What early college is

We'll talk about where it started and how homeschoolers can get enrolled.  No SAT or ACT required.

Who early college is for

Early college is not just for brainy kids, any average 8th grader can start, learn how in this book!

Funding Early College

How to pay for early college and get your child to own their education without debt.


Covers scholarship opportunities that you can secure much earlier than high school. Scholarships are not grants or loans.

Credits and Rules

Learn the rules and regulations for early college, and how to apply early credits dually on the high school transcript.

Special Needs

How to prepare kids with learning challenges to succeed in early college - yes, it works and is fantastic leverage!

Happy Homeschool Parents:


This guide is a life-changer. Get it now!

Louanna M. - FLORIDA

Perfect timing! Everything in the book is spot on, we're so thrilled to have this information!


Best ten bucks I have spent in my 12 years of homeschooling, perfectly simple!

Angela F. - OREGON

We didn't think it was possible for our spectrum daughter to handle college. We were wrong, she is soaring. All credited to the info in this book that Dianne has been teaching for years!!


My 13 year old son went from being behind and frustrated, to excelling in every aspect of his life by following the model in this short book. His confidence soared and he will finish high school with a college degree in hand. Highly recommend every homeschool parent reads this.

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