Homeschool Foundations

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Learn the things you must know before starting to homeschool, and especially before choosing any curriculum.

Are you feeling lost or stuck?

Wondering what you've got yourself into?

Is homeschooling driving you crazy?

It isn't you.  It isn't your child.  I've worked with tens of thousands of homeschoolers for nearly 20 years and there are simple, clear answers to help you get unstuck and get direction.  Nothing you can buy and set in front of your child is going to fix the things that are not working.  It takes training and development of teaching and leadership skills.

The Homeschool Foundations workshop consists of two amazing 1-hour training videos to help and encourage you. 

The first one will walk you step-by-step through the basic principles and keys to help you feel more successful out of the starting gate, or restart if you have been feeling lost at sea.  Veteran homeschoolers return to this training often! 

The second video addresses how to juggle home responsibilities, family chores, outside activities, and time for yourself. These are so critical for homeschool parents and yet most focus on curriculum and academics while everything else around them either feels suffocating or like it's falling apart.  This isn't about planners or schedulers, it is much deeper than that.  Come and learn how you can certainly balance it all.

Everyone should understand the exceptional leverage in applying basic principles and keys to successful homeschooling.  The Homeschool Foundations workshop will give you leverage!

This workshop is available in the LITE or PREMIUM membership plans. 

Conference-quality workshops at your fingertips!

Get your questions answered!

My workshops answer so many concerns from home educators!  We work thru very important strategies, and provide real solutions that anyone can do to simplify the process and have an effective homeschool experience.  Nothing like this is available for homeschoolers!!

DIANNE Kelley  //  Author, Speaker, Mentor to home educators

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