Raising Entrepreneurs in a Digital World

This workshop aired live on Thursday, July 14, 2022 

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Get the truth about entrepreneurship - learn real, life changing skills that your child can take with them and apply to anything they do.  Ask questions and engage in a LIVE workshop!  Upon registration, you will receive FREE tools you can implement right away.

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This workshop is life changing!

How do parents teach their kids entrepreneurship? - In today's ever-changing digital world, it is critical that our youth understand how to innovate, adapt, and take action to secure a viable income.  But where is the curriculum?  When schools create a technology or business curriculum, it is always 3-5 years behind what is going on right now.    

Entrepreneurship is the key to freedom.  We watched the entire world come to a halt during the recent pandemic.  People lost their jobs, their homes, and their stability.  Millions were forced to work from home.  While some adapted, many did not.  That's not freedom.  While schools have shifted to career pathway education (high school students must choose a worker path), those who step outside of that paradigm are the ones who will change the world.  

Learn from an innovative and trusted source.  I connected with the Peavoy family who I have had the pleasure of working with for over a decade in homeschooling.  Their youth and teens are out there crushing it with entrepreneurship, and are willing to teach you what they know - that's impressive to me!

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, the Peavoy's are scheduled as my special guests - to do a LIVE workshop and show you exactly what they know and how they are crushing it, so you can teach your kids.

What you will learn in the workshop:

How to teach your youth to:

  • Take ownership of their own education and personal development
  • Discern which messages are legit and which are not
  • Improve their confidence in themselves and their abilities
  • Effect change in entrepreneurship for a better world
  • Make and set goals and be motivated to see them through
  • Track their goals and successes

You will also get their 4 FREE tools to help parents motivate kids, 8-18, to unlock their potential and be their best self.

This is an extensive webinar and you will be able to ask questions.  While it is for parents, we encourage you to attend WITH your youth.

There is nothing like this available right now for homeschoolers.  Be sure to attend this vital workshop and learn to set your kids up for success no matter how the world turns!

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DIANNE Kelley  //  Author, Speaker, Mentor to home educators

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