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Realizing Genius Conference

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I am so excited that you were able to participate in the event and that we got to spend some time together talking about ditching those grade levels and teaching mastery!  You received via email the  FREE quick guide to teaching Language Arts and Math to Mastery. The short video workshop below will walk you through how to use that guide, and where you can get more training on teaching mastery!  

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Courses and workshops at The Simple Scholar answer so many concerns from home educators!  We work thru very important strategies, and provide real solutions that anyone can do to simplify the process and have an effective, successful homeschool experience.  Some are pre-recorded, but the LIVE workshops are so engaging, it feels like you are at a homeschool conference.  I've been running live, online workshops since 2010, and much prefer the live setting to really connect with homeschoolers and solve challenges one on one!!

DIANNE Kelley  //  Author, Speaker, Mentor to home educators

By The Simple Scholar

February 16, 2023