What is Science?

Academically, science refers to a systematic and organized body of knowledge that is obtained through observation, experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses. It is a disciplined approach to studying and understanding the natural world and the underlying principles and processes governing it.

Science involves the use of rigorous methods and techniques to gather empirical evidence, analyze data, and draw conclusions based on objective observations and logical reasoning. It encompasses various branches and disciplines, such as:

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Astronomy
  • Geology
  • and many others within each of the above areas

The Problem:

When it comes to teaching Science, the homeschool parent wants to know what to teach and when, and how to determine if they are adequately preparing their child for the future.  Parents begin searching for an adequate Science curriculum with limited understanding of what they actually need.  Science curricula are full of unnecessary redundancy, and even privately published homeschool curricula are written to align with "standards" of public schools.  In order to change the outcome of the standardized tests to show success in standards, the curriculum and the tests are continuously dumbed down. However, knowledge of science isn't actually tested on the pSAT, ACT or SAT exam. Rather, test taking students are given data or data tables, and are asked to choose the best answer to the question relating to the data given.  In science classes, students are tested on limited knowledge of science and in the younger grade levels, the science is so dumbed down that it hardly makes sense.  Hence, parents are always searching for something better.  

The Solution:

We should understand that most Science is NOT a sequential subject.  It does not have an order, but we are led to believe that it must be taught by grade level because of national education “standards” which we are accustomed to following.   Math is the ONLY sequential subject where concepts must be taught and mastered in a specific order.  The truth is, there should not be grade levels in Science.  The various disciplines of science should be integrated in any order and should be taught at the highest level that the child can comprehend - which is not specific to age or grade, rather by individuality.  

Within the various disciplines of physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, and many sub-disciplines, there are basic skills which should be mastered.  From the youngest ages of reading and writing all the way to college, all of the skills can be taught without a separate grade-level based science curriculum.

What are those skills needed, and how do you teach it without a curriculum?

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