Ditch Grade Levels

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(Previously named "Skipping Middle School").  Learn the truth about why we have grade levels and middle school and how you can leverage this information to change education for the better.  

This workshop is life changing!

This is one of my most popular signature workshops - learn the exact methods I have taught over nearly two decades to tens of thousands of home educators. These methods work for any homeschooler, anywhere in the world, and they can work for you!

As the original author and pioneer of the Skipping Middle School movement, I promise this is NOT about rushing kids through or leaving out anything important.  It is not about unschooling.  It is about LEVERAGE to help your child break down barriers which may be holding them back, take control of their education, and succeed.  

While this philosophy certainly helps the average child, I actually created it to help children who are considered "behind".    Everyone should understand the exceptional leverage in skipping or eliminating the middle school grade level curricula - particularly for children who are "behind", or struggling.  Whether the struggle is cognitive, spectrum related, or otherwise, the concepts taught in this workshop will help turn things around quickly.  

"Experts" who created middle school stated that this age group is a time to prepare your child for higher learning, and through this workshop you will understand where that statement came from and why public schools keep you in the dark on the real advantages you have to not do middle school at all.  

A total game changer!

Never say "my child is behind" again!

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This workshop is available in the LITE or PREMIUM membership plans. 

One of my top workshops at homeschool conferences!

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My workshops answer so many concerns from home educators!  We work thru very important strategies, and provide real solutions that anyone can do to simplify the process and have an effective homeschool experience.  Nothing like this collection is available for homeschoolers anywhere else!!

DIANNE Kelley  //  Author, Speaker, Mentor to home educators

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