Skipping Middle School

Why do children get "bored" in middle school or high school? In this eye-opening workshop, learn why we have middle school and how as homeschoolers you are positioned to give your children a huge advantage in their education by strategically leveraging or completely eliminating it!  I pioneered the concept of Skipping Middle School, and I promise it is NOT about rushing your kids through or leaving out anything important.  

It's about leveraging these 3 years to give them more opportunities, time to slow down if needed, prepare your children for higher learning, and ditching grade levels forever in lieu of a mastery approach to all subjects.

How does this impact college? Come find out how skipping middle school actually increases your child's ability to soar through college.

Special needs children in your home? It's a unique leveraging tool to help your child break down barriers and succeed at their own pace and never be "behind" again. Whether they have special needs, or if they are gifted, or just a "regular" kid - it works for everyone.

This is a total game changer!

There are two options - the introductory workshop, or the full course.

The Ditching Grade Levels (previously called Skipping Middle School) Introductory Workshop will give you all the basic information you need to understand why and how to skip middle school.

The full course, Skipping Middle School - Teaching the Preparation Years - will give you everything you need to teach the gap years needed between 5th grade and high school, and keep the records you need.

By The Simple Scholar

July 26, 2021

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