Teach Social Studies with Family History

How do you make history more exciting and real for your children? Talk about people who they can personally connect to! Most history curricula follows the empirical, traditional method of short-listing dates, places, and names of prominent historical people who aren't very interesting to kids. Come and learn about an amazing opportunity for homeschoolers to incorporate stories and timelines from your own family genealogy to change your child's entire perception of history. I will show you how to actually homeschool using genealogy as your social studies curriculum – to teach history, geography, and civics - even into all the disciplines of math, language arts, science, and more.

The workshop released 11/29/21, and is available only to Premium members.

Social Studies can be taught in a variety of ways.  Besides leveraging your own family history, Premium members can download checklists of topics and get resources to know what needs to be taught, when, and how.  I have an incredibly effective way to teach American Government, as well as ideas to teach any world government. How to get kids involved in Civics, Speech and Debate resources, and more.

There are also geography resources and fun ways to incorporate language arts into social studies.  It is all in the Teaching Mastery series, available to Premium members only.

By The Simple Scholar

July 26, 2021

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