Teaching Mastery

If you really want to give your child an academic advantage, then stepping outside the paradigm of grade levels is the best way to leverage that.  In the introductory workshop, we demonstrate why mastery is important, where grade levels came from and how get rid of them to customize an education for your child, while still being accountable to any records you want or need to keep. We will talk about how to interpret mastery onto those records so that you are still complying with your local homeschool requirements of "180 days" (not every state requires this, but many do.) You can leverage this with or without any formal curriculum for any child. Special needs, gifted, and "regular" kids all benefit from this method - you will never say "my child is behind" again!

Teaching Mastery Series - Courses

Besides the introductory workshop above to learn the basics behind teaching mastery, there are four ADDITIONAL separate courses in this series for Premium members.  The courses courses dive deeper into teaching mastery in math, language arts, and other subjects.  

There are already over 150 modules and growing!!  

  1. 1
    The Teaching Math Mastery Course has 7 sections and walks parents and educators through all math levels from basic counting all the way to college entry prep.

  1. 2
    The Teaching Language Arts Mastery course walks thru all of the grammatical, writing, reading, research and analysis skills needed to teach mastery at any age.  It is a great blueprint to plan for success in college and life.  There are 12 sections to this course.  Two NEW RELEASES:  Teaching Poetry to Mastery Quick Guide; plus Shakespeare, Simplified!, an 8 module course to teach Shakespeare to Mastery.

  1. 3
    The Teaching Pre-Algebra thru Algebra course is more intensive and has videos for parents to teach every math concept from the point after the child masters long division all the way through mastering Algebra 2 (so about 5th grade math onward). The entire course is divided into three sections, each section has 4-6 units, then each unit includes 6-8 lessons (each with worksheets and answer keys) plus a unit test with answer keys. It may be used in lieu of an actual curriculum to help parents teach any child, or get any child back on the right course, even if the parent is not proficient in math.  This course has a pre-requisite that the child must be proficient through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is a division review in section one of the course to check proficiency and assess readiness.

  1. 4
    The Teaching Social Studies Mastery course gives guidance and resources to teach all aspects of social studies from cultures, to history, to geography, civics and government, speech and debate, economics, and more. There are 10 sections in this course, plus the replay from our February 2023 speaker on Statesmanship.  There is a BONUS workshop with this course - "Using Family Genealogy to Teach History!"  PLUS - Releasing in 2023 - Teaching American Government to Mastery - 12 module course!

By The Simple Scholar

July 26, 2021