The High School Transcript for Homeschoolers

The High School Transcript Workshop!

Learn everything you must know about this important document - why you need one for every child, and the critical components that homeschoolers must get right!

The live workshop session ended, however the replay for this workshop is available in the LITE or PREMIUM membership plans!!

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This workshop is powerful!

The High School Transcript is one of my most popular signature workshops - learn exactly what I have taught over nearly two decades to tens of thousands of home educators on how to leverage the high school transcript to your child's advantage.  These methods work for any homeschooler, anywhere in the world, and they can work for you!

For decades, there has been a myth that certain entities don't take a homeschool transcript seriously, or that you don't need one. Because of these myths, many homeschool parents do not bother until they actually reach a situation where they discover that they do, indeed, need a transcript.  Then, they panic!

Everyone should understand what this document is - what it actually represents and that the high school transcript  is a permanent document that stays with you and can be recalled at any time in your adult life. (For clarification - it is criminal records that are sealed at age 18, not the high school transcript or diploma.)  Your child will especially need a transcript if they are NOT going to college.

You need this workshop if:

  • Your child is 5th/6th grade level or higher
  • You want to avoid redundancy and/or costly mistakes
  • You are an unschooler, road schooler, or do any out of the box methodology
  • You want to learn how to build a STELLAR transcript, regardless of how out of the box your style is
  • You want to learn how to simplify education without dumbing it down
  • You are concerned about accountability

No need to panic!

I will give you the exact information and tools that you need, even if you completely unschooled or don't think your child's education could be documented because you were so out of the box. I have worked with thousands of homeschoolers in countless situations, this will work for you!

In this workshop, you will learn

  • What is a transcript and why you must have one 
  • How to create a transcript - what goes on it, what does not
  • How to leverage a homeschool transcript for lifelong planning
  • How to be prepared for college rule changes
  • How middle school ties to high school and beyond
  • Where to get ongoing help with all the other high school stuff

I will show you:

  • A sample transcript and blank transcript forms
  • A sample planner sheet and blank planner sheet

I will teach you how to use just these TWO forms to plan and execute for a perfect finish to high school and beyond.

Dive in now and get the High School Transcript workshop - it will change your life, give you peace of mind, and help set your child up for success!

One of my top 3 workshops at homeschool conferences!

Get your questions answered!

My workshops answer so many concerns from home educators!  We work thru very important strategies, and provide real solutions that anyone can do to simplify the process and have an effective homeschool experience.  Nothing like this collection is available for homeschoolers anywhere else!!

DIANNE Kelley  //  Author, Speaker, Mentor to home educators