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April 2023 - Theme:

"Teaching Entrepreneurship to Mastery"

How it Works:

Each month is a different theme, with video training to coordinate the theme.  We also feature a guest speaker who has experience in that area of teaching mastery.  The guest speaker joins us LIVE and ONLINE in a Zoom meeting, which is highly interactive and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and engage.  Anyone can attend the live session without membership, just register HERE.  After the live session, the replay is placed on the theme page.  Replays are for members only (choose the Free, Lite, or Premium membership).   Access to themed content is valid thru the end of the theme's month for Free and Lite members (Premium members have unlimited access).

Theme Content

Free and Lite members have access to the theme content thru the end of the theme month to study and learn. The theme consists of two parts.

Part One - Workshop Intro from The Simple Scholar (pre-recorded, access below on this page), then Part Two - a LIVE Guest Speaker (see below for live date & time!)

April's speaker is our own Dianne Kelley "Six Steps to Teaching Effective Entrepreneurship". It will be a highly engaging and enlightening presentation. See below for more info on how to attend live.

April 2023 - Theme Content

Part One - Teaching Entrepreneurship to Mastery - Intro Workshop below! 

Teaching entrepreneurship to mastery is an essential need!  We live in an ever-changing digital world and the old ways of even job hunting are obsolete.  Learn why you must teach these skills, and how to know if your child is mastering them.


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Part Two - "Six Steps to Teaching Effective Entrepreneurship" Workshop will be LIVE on April 20, 2023 at 11am Pacific.  CLICK HERE to register.

Our live speaker:  Dianne Kelley
The live session will be April 20, 2023

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur in today's ever-changing, digitally-oriented economy?  Entrepreneurship is vital in the world right now and will continue to be.   Entrepreneurs are the very people who leverage creativity, innovation and collaboration to solve real-world problems, to accelerate economic growth, promote research and development, and effect positive social changes.

But how do you teach entrepreneurship in an effective, long-lasting way?  Where do you learn authentic skills when there are so many gimmicks about entrepreneurship?  What are the skills needed?

This workshop will give you six steps you can begin implementing right away to teach your children the most important skills they need to always be able to innovate in any situation.  We will use real world project examples, so be prepared to participate!


More about Dianne Kelley:

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By The Simple Scholar

April 1, 2023