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March 2023 - Theme:

"Teaching Math to Mastery"

How it Works:

Each month is a different theme, with video training to coordinate the theme.  We also feature a guest speaker who has experience in that area of teaching mastery.  The guest speaker joins us LIVE and ONLINE in a Zoom meeting, which is highly interactive and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and engage.  Anyone can attend the live session without membership, just register HERE.  After the live session, the replay is placed on the theme page.  Replays are for members only (choose the Free, Lite, or Premium membership).   Access to themed content is valid thru the end of the theme's month for Free and Lite members (Premium members have unlimited access).

Theme Content

Free and Lite members had access thru the end of January to the Teaching Language Arts to Mastery introduction (normally part of the Premium membership). February's theme was Teaching Social Studies to Mastery.  March is Teaching Math to Mastery.

Part One - Workshop Intro from The Simple Scholar, then Part Two - a LIVE Guest Speaker!

March's speaker was Kathleen Cotter Clayton who taught on "You CAN Be a Great Math Teacher - Building a Solid Math Foundation". It was a highly engaging and enlightening presentation. Replay is below on this page.

March 2023 - Theme Content

Part One - Teaching Math to Mastery - Intro Workshop below! 

Teaching math to mastery is a strategy that you can use to completely eliminate redundant, boring, tedious social studies curriculum and replace it with something that is more effective and efficient.  It works for any age, any ability, and anywhere in the world!   Learn how to completely get rid of grade levels in math by understanding the basic concepts of what needs to be taught in a much more agreeable way.  You will never worry about "my child is behind" again!


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Part Two - "You CAN Be a Great Math Teacher - Building a Solid Math Foundation" Workshop was LIVE on March 14, 2023 at 10am Pacific.  The replay is posted below on this page.

Guest speaker:  Kathleen Cotter Clayton
The live session was March 14, 2023

Maybe you struggled with math, so you don’t know how to choose a curriculum or a method to help your child avoid the same struggles.  Or, maybe you were good at math but are unsure how to teach it now.  Should you include manipulatives? What DOES it take to be the best math teacher for your child?  Math is a lot like building a house.  Without a solid foundation, walls may hold up for a bit but eventually they will come crashing down.  Come learn how to build a strong foundation and build up from there, even if your child is “behind”.  This workshop will give you encouragement and guidance to become a great math teacher!
Please note:  The workshop was one hour long, plus there was an additional 45 minutes of interactive Q&A which was AWESOME!!!


More about Kathleen Cotter Clayton:

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By The Simple Scholar

February 24, 2023