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February 2023 - Theme:

"Teaching Social Studies

to Mastery"

How it Works:

Each month is a different theme, with video training to coordinate the theme.  We also feature a guest speaker who has experience in that area of teaching mastery.  The guest speaker joins us LIVE and ONLINE in a Zoom meeting, which is highly interactive and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and engage.  Anyone can attend the live session without membership, just register HERE.  After the live session, the replay is placed on the theme page.  Replays are for members only (choose the Free, Lite, or Premium membership).   Access to themed content is valid thru the end of the theme's month for Free and Lite members (Premium members have unlimited access).

Theme Content

Free and Lite members have access to the theme content thru the end of the theme month to study and learn. The theme consists of two parts.

Part One - Workshop Intro from The Simple Scholar (pre-recorded, access below on this page), then Part Two - a LIVE Guest Speaker (see below for live date & time!)

February's speaker was Ian Cox who presented on "A Call For Statesmanship". It was a highly engaging and fantastic presentation. The replay is below!

February 2023 - Theme Content

Teaching Social Studies to Mastery - Intro Workshop below! 

Teaching Social Studies to mastery is a strategy that you can use to completely eliminate redundant, boring, tedious social studies curriculum and replace it with something that is more effective and efficient.  It works for any age, any ability, and anywhere in the world!   Learn how to completely get rid of grade levels in social studies by understanding the basic concepts of what needs to be taught in a much more agreeable way.  You will never worry about "my child is behind" again!

Our February 2023 emphasis for Social Studies, is on Teaching American Government. Once logged in, you will see some helpful links below the video, as well as some downloadable files.

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"A Call for Statesmanship" Workshop Replay
Live session has ended, replay is below.

Guest speaker:  Ian Cox
The live session was February 16, 2023 - Replay is below

Why did the American Experiment work? What made the difference? How did it produce one of the most prosperous and free eras the world has ever seen? Can this legacy be continued today?

There are 3 key aspects we must understand to fully answer these questions:

1) The culture of the general people

2) The mindset and education of the people

3) The systems that are for and by the people

Join Ian Cox as we explore the fundamental aspects of American Heroes that have produced more freedom and prosperity for more people than ever before in world history.


More about Ian Cox:

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By The Simple Scholar

February 3, 2023