Ultimate Guide for

Homeschool Group Leaders

Learn how to start and run a successful homeschool group or organization

Everything You Need to Take Your

Homeschool Group to Success!!

How do you start a homeschool group?  If you already have a homeschool group, how do you make it successful?  Is it possible to turn a group around that has low participation or has been dormant?

Dianne Kelley has taught many leaders worldwide on how to overcome all the bumps and curves in the road of running a homeschool group, and in the "Ultimate Guide for Homeschool Group Leaders," she answers all your questions.  It is a goldmine of proven success strategies!!

We cover park days, and how to tap into local community resources to give a wide array of group activities for your families, most are FREE!!  We also talk about how to serve those families with children on the spectrum, and handling conflict in the group, and much more.

From those local field trips to large scale theme park field trips, Dianne shares all her leader tips for the best participation and outcome.  If you want to hold classes, she walks you through the process.  There is even a chapter on how to handle money, and how to tactfully earn for yourself if you want to create a part time income.

Whether you have just a few families, or you want to build into a regional support organization with a thousand families, everything you need is in these two books!! *Workbook is supplemental to the guide and not required.

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The companion workbook is sold separately, as it includes all the planning and execution forms already done for you, and is delivered in Word format so that you can easily modify and personalize the forms.  Note: The workbook is not required to implement what is taught in the guide, it simply gives you forms already done.  You certainly can create your own forms and planning sheets without purchasing the workbook!

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